Display Tea Flower in Bloom - CopyWelcome to the home of our delicious spicy hand-crafted Chai & flavour burst Health Tea Blends.

Our playful Chai range includes –

Rooibos Chai * Traditional Black Chai * Honeybush Chai * Rooibos & Citrus Chai * Honeybush & Lemongrass Chai

Our rich, full bodied health offerings include –

Hibiscus & Citrus * Honeybush Cinnamon & Apple * Honeybush Cinnamon & Orange * Forest Bounty * Honeybush Forest * Wild Cherry Rooibos * Pure Wild Cherry *  Vitality (Siberian Ginseng mix) * Rooibos Apple & Ginger * Rooibos Lemon & Ginger * Green Tea * Strawberry Burst  * Chamomile Flowers * Plain Organic Rooibos * Plain Organic Honeybush * Spice Cauldron (Three spice bonanza) * Cinnamon Dream

We also carry a wide variety of pure herbal tisanes.

Our visitors from Africa please visit our other website:

 Chai Delights Africa

Our exclusive range reflects the radiant health and happiness we are all capable of enjoying with a little thoughtfulness and care.

We use only the highest quality Organic tea and our spices and other exotic ingredients such as citrus zest, whole fruit pieces, lemongrass etc. are all certified pesticide and chemical fertilizer free and non-irradiated. No sulphur dioxide or other preservatives or colorants are used in production.

We supply in a selection of handsome glass jars or elegant brown paper bags.

Beautiful sturdy glass cups Large gift hamper - approx 60 cups

Spice Cauldron - approx 20 cups

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